Sasha unit

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Model wears a Black handmade lace frontal with lengths 16”18”20 with a 16” frontal 

hair type : virgin hair 

- lace colour : available in regular brown / HD / light brown 
-13x4 frontal 

if you prefer a regular brown lace rather than light brown please message through Instagram Dm, email or via chats on my website 

please note that with all orders we bleach the knots , straighten ( if needed) , style and pluck so that it is easy for you and ready to wear.

What to do if it’s your first wig?

At Kosmetics we pluck the hairline enough so that it is natural enough for beginners. Even if you are new to the wig life we have taken all the stress of your shoulders so that it is easier !

for any help , questions or enquiries feel free to Dm via Instagram 

or email